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Pubali River View Sonargaon

Sonargaon is one of the old capitals of the historic region of Bengal and was an administrative center of eastern Bengal. It was also a river port. Its hinterland was the center of the muslin trade in Bengal, with a large population of weavers and artisans. According to ancient Greek and Roman accounts, an emporium was located in this hinterland, which archaeologists have identified with the Wari-Bateshwar ruins. The area was a base for the Vanga, Samatata, Sena, and Deva dynasties.

Why invest in Pubali River View?

1. Near Dhaka-Chittagong highway.
2.Green shaded solitude and pollution free environment on the banks of Meghna river.
3. Near the project is the historic Sonargaon Folk Art Museum.
4. All kinds of civic amenities within the project.
5. Plot handed over at the scheduled time.
6. Unadulterated and uninterrupted land.
7. Registration within 07 days for onetime payment

Other facilities

Modern quality schools, colleges, varsities, multiple religious shrines, shopping malls, children's parks, community centers, playgrounds, gymnasiums, hospitals, lakes, restaurants, and own security.


Bangladesh is a country of immense potential. Fertile lands, green forests, vast seas, rivers and hills, colorful culture, struggling past and millions of hands struggling to survive are taking this country forward towards progress. In the bloody bloody war of independence, this nation has a tender heart, a wonderful combination of hard and tender. In addition to surviving by fighting, we are also involved in the struggle for a better life in the country.